About Shispare

We are a passionate team of professionals that
provides the all-inclusive online services needed
to create a strong Internet presence. Each of our
team members has years of experience in his or
her niche. We combine our marketing, design &
technical expertise with our fanatical support to
deliver outstanding services.
At Shispare, we offer a holistic approach toward
creating a web presence for your company. By
using the latest technologies to create tools and
web applications that are unique to your site, you
get more than just a “website” – you get an interactive
web experience that will reflect your company’s goals
and image.

We will save
you money

Not only do we use latest technologies
to save our clients money both in the
short and long-term; we also have
the expertise to deliver cost-effective
solutions for fixed budgets.

we will save your time

We will save
you time

We regularly work on projects with
short timescales. Having several years
of combined web experience between us,
we have the knowledge & capabilities
to deliver on time, every time.

we are creative


A website is an important marketing
tool. It needs to generate enquiries and
conversions, reflect your company
values and appeal to your target audience.
We ensure that any website created by us
does just that, often in new and creative ways.

we are reliable


We know how painful it is to deal
with unreliable people. We never
let our clients down. A bold claim,
we know, but we always deliver on
our promises.

we believe in partnerships

We believe
in partnerships

We like establishing long-term mutually
beneficial partnerships. So we don’t
hesitate to go the extra mile to keep our
clients happy. It’s this simple formula that
makes working with us even more enjoyable

our results


We understand that a new website is a
significant investment in terms of your
time, money and energy. We make sure
this investment is worth the effort. Our
portfolio of happy clients is the proof.