Moodle plugin – Export students’ assessment submissions / work to a directory file structure with their most successful attempts exported in the form of PDFs along with teacher feedback/ comments, marks and any attachments (This actually exports the attempt in the “Review Attempt” format of moodle with slight customization).

This plugin is a complete solution of keeping student records in the form of PDFs/ print after completion of a session/ course.



  • Allows teachers to export student records for a particular group inside a course.
  • Creates a directory structure as following: Group Name > Course Name> Student Name(One folder for each student)> Course Section> Quiz> quiz-attempt.pdf+attachments
  • For each quiz, the plugin checks for the most successful attempt of the student i.e. the one with highest marks. Exports the question, answer, marks, comments/ feedback and attachments of that particular attempt.
  • Once the export is completed, the complete directory structure is compressed into a zip file which is downloaded by the teacher.

Please Contact us to get the plugin or to get a similar one developed.