Artificial Intelligence has hit the global world by storm. Nearly every sector


artificial intelligence has been under the influence of technologies driven by AI. It might sound like a cliché, or a buzz or hype but statistics voice a different opinion. According to the research done by Forbes Insights, almost 65% of industrial leaders reckon that the face of logistics and supply management is undergoing a profound transformation. Thanks to Artificial intelligence for unleashing the true potential of the e-commerce website development industry.

With nearly 36% of organizations worldwide adopting AI in logistics, it is expected that productivity would rise by 40% by 2035. Undeniably, the technology would outperform the existing solution while revamping the industry on a whole.

An Overview
AI, the power-packed technology drives the immense attention of leaders, not because it is in talks or has huge numbers to back the same. The popularity of the technology is attributed to the bundle of benefits uncovered post its application. From mimicking human functionalities to automating tasks, replicating systems, and driving actions through data, Artificial Intelligence has all that takes to revolutionize the industry of supply chain management.

To be precise, AI perceives information, drive over data, understand and further blend in technology to generate solutions. No wonder, the world is undergoing a dramatic shift from being manual to semi-technical and finally, to digital.

Use Case of AI in Logistics
So, enough of ideologies and theoretical concoction! Let me walk you through the different use cases of AI in the industry of logistics and supply chain management.

Automated Warehousing
Artificial Intelligence has altered the face of logistics right from data collection to management of inventory. Embedding the technology of deep learning aided with artificial intelligence, the logistics industry has witnessed a rise in productivity and leverage, efficiency.

One of the most important applications of warehouse automation predicting the demands of products and automate orders. Also, the automated warehouse has the propensity to manage inventory effectively. Managing, storing, and automating tasks tend to eliminate errors and further enhance the solution offered.

Smarter Roads
Smart cars are what you might have heard of, right? But what do we mean when we say, smarter roads. Here is where artificial intelligence popped up in the industry. An array of companies is now actively working on integrating technology to build highways with LED panels. Such panels are heated using solar energy and prevent the road from turning slippery.

Autonomous Vehicles
Logistics and supply chain management is one such industry that entails transportation and so needs to be done accurately. Driverless cars have been into the discussion for a long time for personal purposes but now it has hit the transportation industry too.

Logistics and supply chain management industries are now vesting in AI is driven vehicles to streamline the transport of goods and services. Sensors and cameras are embedded in the trucks to keep track of the vehicle, determine the distance traveled, and narrow down the time undertaken to deliver the same.

Back End AI Work
All the back end task of logistics and supply chain management, when done manually, consumes a lot of time and also costs you a lot. Artificial intelligence, when integrated into the back-end job of logistics, is proven to not only optimize the task but at the same time cut down on the unwanted task. Further, automating task help reduce error and increase the effectiveness of the work.

Predict Demands
Data-driven solutions, when embedded with artificial intelligence, enable industry leaders to improve and enhance the product demands. It is always important to stay abreast of the needs of customers and likewise, serve the same. Today, AI uses an array of tools to predict customer behavior, track trends, and likewise better the customer experience.

This is not an end but the start. Every day new companies are provocatively investing both their time and money in AI-driven tools to automate a task, and streamline results. And why not, the technology, to date, has proven to enhance solutions to leverage revenue. They have done it in the past and they continue to conquer almost every sphere of life.

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