Building a Kimball Model Data Warehouse for a Customized BI Dashboard


One of our client companies (confidential) in Joliet, faced significant challenges with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) due to managing a massive data size of 50 million records. Existing dashboard services provided infrequent updates, hindering real-time monitoring and historical data analysis. Our expertise in Datalake/dataWarehousing solutions were essential in overcoming these obstacles.


The client struggled with managing a vast amount of data, impeding real-time monitoring and historical analysis. Infrequent updates from existing dashboard services further compounded their challenges, impacting operational efficiency.


We provided a comprehensive Amazon Dataalake solution comprising Configuration, Customization, and Integration phases to address the client’s challenges. This included setting up a data warehouse with AWS RedShift, designing a custom ELT pipeline for real-time data processing, developing a custom OLAP solution, and creating an interactive dashboard for data visualization. These efforts streamlined operations, enabled real-time insights, and enhanced decision-making processes.

Download the case study to get into the details.