Cloud-based WMS Implementation


We are a preferred vendor for SphereWMS for the last 6+ years and have handled 3 versions of their ERP. We modified SphereWMS legacy ERP system (30 years old), redesigned it, added dashboards to it and improved inventory visibility, operations and picking efficiency.


Our client is using a Unicode-based system, which is out of date with a very difficult user experience, inventory visibility and inefficient picking issues. Every account is on-premise and customized, and need to bring them to a single SaaS application.


We iterated the user interface in line with current trends while keeping the old backend in place. So we used Angular to build the front end and integrated it with the old Unicode backend. We served fortune 200+ customers and created new dashboards for visibility and created new Pick Methods for efficient picking in the warehouse

Download the case study to get into the details.