Seamless Cycle Count Integration with SkuVault


With Shispare, The integration of SkuVault becomes proficient and efficient, providing businesses the opportunities to scale and grow at an exponential rate while diminishing all the vulnerabilities and shortcomings that can make the audit in Warehouse Management Solution more painful, inefficient, and unorganized.


Cart Squad faced challenges with SkuVault integration, notably due to limited reporting and a functional cycle count module. Imagine being a supervisor without easy access to essential audit information. Users had access to transaction history but documented minor changes unnecessarily, complicating Operations.


We at Shispare, implemented the SkuVault API to retrieve transactional data and alter it in a report for end users so that they can have better visibility to data .Using this SkuVault cycle count report, supervisors can get exact detailed cycle count audits related info in a few clicks, which is easy to understand and gives them direction on where to do the next audit.

Download the case study to get into the details