Complete Software Audit for Matrimonial  Mobile App


Batzawaj is a mobile application designed to facilitate secure and Sharia-compliant matrimonial for Muslims seeking marriage partners. It caters to a global audience and prioritizes user privacy throughout the matrimonial process.


The client needs a software audit as they encounter challenges in identifying and addressing the root causes of issues such as poor user experience, problems with image uploading, unclear field requirements, lack of user guidance, inconsistencies, and flow disruptions in the application. The user onboarding process is not smooth, involving time-consuming verification and some complicated libraries. These challenges may lead users to give up before completing the process, highlighting the need for the app to be easier to use and function more effectively.


We proposed solution involves conducting a comprehensive, free software code review and infrastructure audit of the Batzawaj application, focusing on the following criteria:

  • System Architecture Review

  • Software Code Review

  • Infrastructure Audit

  • User Experience

  • Functionality

Download the case study to get into the detail how we conduct the audit for our client based in Kuwait.

    Following the audit, we provided recommendations to address the identified issues, which include:


    Flow Issues


    Process Issues


    Infrastructure Issues