Overcame Warehousing Challenges for a Pharmaceutical Company


Dynarex Corp., a New York based pharmaceutical company, faced critical warehousing challenges affecting inventory management and order fulfillment. Partnering with Shispare, they sought a solution to enhance operational efficiency and drive profitability.


Dynarex encountered inventory discrepancies, operational inefficiencies, and manual errors hindering their warehouse operations. They struggled with high-volume order demands and lacked real-time updates, impacting their ability to meet customer needs.


Shispare provided a comprehensive solution by configuring, integrating, and customizing warehouse systems. Through meticulous data setup, workflow automation, RFID customization, and middleware application integration, Shispare streamlined processes, optimized operations, and facilitated seamless communication between systems. This tailored approach led to significant improvements in efficiency, compliance, and cost savings, positioning Dynarex for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

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