Cohort Sync with Enrollment Period or Duration (enrolperiod)

This is in relation to this Moodle Task which is in pending for last 2 years:

No option to set enrolment durations for cohort sync/enrol cohort in a course


Also a discussion on Moodle forum as:

Hello everybody, (

When you proceed with The ‘Manual’ enrolment method inside a course, You have access to the settings

  • Duration
  • Start from…
    • today
    • now (today at this time)
    • at course start date

When you proceed with the ‘Cohort Sync’ method, you have access to the poorer setting

  • Active…
    • Yes
    • No

Is there a plugin or a hidden function or some functionality after Moodle 3.1 (the one we use) that gives the possibility to get a setting “Active from…” with the same possibilities of the ‘Start from’ in the manual enrolment?

(Of course I searched the FAQ, The manual and this forum without success before posting this question)

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We were able to do exactly that and can help you accomplish on the same on your moodle too.

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