How to Configure Site Wide Top Notification Bar that Automatically appears on your WordPress Website whenever you go live on Facebook?

  1. Download and install the plugin: Facebook Live Video Auto Embed
  2. In order to configure Site Wide Notification Bar, click “Site Wide Notification” menu item which is present under “Facebook Live Videos Auto Embed”. The first field is the Source of your video. You can select “A Public Facebook Page”, “A Public Facebook Group” or “My Facebook User Account”.
    – If you select “My Facebook User Account” then the Facebook account logged in at the settings page of the plugin will be used as Source.
    – If you select “A Public Facebook Group” then you will have to enter Facebook Group ID. You can find ID of a Facebook group by entering its URL at Lookup ID.
    – If you select “A Public Facebook Page” then you will have to enter Username of the Facebook Page. Please see the following image to know where to find the Username of a Facebook Page.

  3. Set options as you want then click submit. If you have entered everything correctly, you will see a screen similar to the following:
  4. Once you have configured the Site Wide Notification Bar for a Facebook User Account/ Page/ Group, a Notification Bar will appear on your WordPress website whenever the Facebook User Account/ Page/ Group goes live. The Notification Bar’s appearance will depend upon your configuration, it will appear like this:
  5. The Notification Bar is AJAX based which means that it appears automatically without the need of refreshing the page. Once the Source goes live, it can take 1-75 seconds for the Notification Bar to appear on the website. The Notification Bar will be clickable and will navigate the user to the link entered in the configuration. User can also click the close button to close the Notification Bar. Once a user closes the bar, it will not appear to them for 15 minutes.