What is Food Safety Training

Foodsafetytraining.ca is a canadian food safety certificate program, authorized by all canadian health ministries across all provinces, with over 25 thousand student every month its one of the most popular online certificate solution for food safety trainings in Canada.

Key Features

Its a unique project with integration of two of the best platforms, one WordPress+Woocommerce for marketing website and selling online courses and second the best LMS system which is Moodle.

Online Courses

Shispare team closely worked with client to understand the requirements and built a solution that integrates course purchased through woocommerce cart and user are created and enrolled directly into Moodle courses.

One Page Checkout

https://www.foodsafetytraining.ca – Is an eCommerce shop built on highly customized WooCommerce using WooCommerce onepage checkout.

Skills Needed

Moodle Customizations (PHP)

WooCommerce (WordPress)

Web Development

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