Project Description – Is an eCommerce shop built on highly customized WooCommerce using WooCommerce onepage checkout.

Its a unique project with integration of two of the best platforms, one WordPress+Woocommerce for marketing website and selling online courses and second the best LMS system which is Moodle.

Shispare team closely worked with client to understand the requirements and built a solution that integrates course purchased through woocommerce cart and user are created and enrolled directly into Moodle courses.

With Single-Sign-On implemented, users are registerd and login only once on woocommerce and can directly open the course pages on moodle due to the robust system engineered by Shispare team.

It works seamlessly and we were able to increase the usability and sale of the website due to the great engineering work as per the business requirements for the client.

Moodle Customizations:

We completely customized moodle cohort sync plugin for this project. Details are provided in this blog post.