Project Description

As a child, growing up and living with my mum, brother and grandparents, I spent many enjoyable hours helping my Nana in the kitchen. We would cook together, bake, and sometimes I even helped to clean up. Did you know baking skips a generation? Having never seen my mum bake anything it was this that glued me to my Nana’s side – she was integral in shaping my interest in baking and has inspired me to fill my own home with delicious aromas.

I have many fond memories of cutting out shortbread cookies and shaking sprinkles on other cookie-creations while “assisting”, perhaps even tampering, with the baking of my family’s matriarch. From those formative beginnings, I eventually enrolled in my first formal cake decorating class in 2009. Having baked my way through university (University of Guelph B.Sc.Env “07) for friends’ birthdays, Superbowl, and Halloween parties, I now had the opportunity to pursue my passion.