Project Description

Zaptamed is the first and only web-based review site of medical products, equipment and services for plastic surgeons by plastic surgeons. This initiative was borne out of necessity: there is simply no source of good information to help us make informed decisions about the essential supplies, equipment, or services that we all spend so much money on. In fact this blessed trio accounts for up to 25% of our total overhead. Astoundingly, we all still rely upon the couple of days a year to wander the meeting’s exhibit hall trying to find whatever is newer, better or cheaper. Or we might spend precious time calling a colleague for product recommendations. And, in the end we often solely depend upon the company sales reps’ advice. Well, Zaptamed was conceived to fill this gaping need: a forum for plastic surgeons to both read and write reviews about the newest suture on the market, the best EMR software or the cheapest source for a used anesthesia machine…anything better, newer, or cheaper. A virtual exhibit hall for the other 360 days of the year!